02 April 2011

Wedding album

C and I finally managed to select the photos for our wedding album and sent them off this week to our photographer. There were so many shots that we liked and it was difficult to keep it under control. It was also hard to imagine what it would all look like styled and I hope that our selections will make sense!

We are looking forward to seeing what our photographer comes up with as the memory of our day.

I also have to try and organise myself to print out some photos from our wedding. There are a few grannies to send pictures to and also I would like to get a larger shot of one of the two of us to frame for our photo wall!


11 March 2011

The next phase

Thank you to everyone who has joined me for the ride to our wedding last year! It was a fun journey, there were a few little hiccups along the way but everything pulled together in the end.

It is true that the day flies by so fast! I tried to speak to as many friends as I could but did not manage everyone.

If you would like to keep in touch with what we are up to, I have another blog Afternoon Tea with the Girls. The big news for us at the moment is that we are building a house, and I am slowly posting photos of the progress!

There are still more wedding items that I will post to this blog, such as the reading we selected and other bits and pieces that I wish to document.


01 March 2011

Wedding: Locations

These are all professional photos, taken by Anton Chong of C Photography.

This are some of our location shots. We were very happy to be finished by the end, it was quite humid and my feet were numb! I am not sure that I had any lipstick left either, the photographer kept wanting us to "smooch" and I think that Chad had more of my lipstick on by the end of it than I did.

Such a lovely shot! This spot was just next to our ceremony.

We wandered through the Boardwalk, next to the Scented Gardens. It is such a peaceful place.

The boys. It looks like SJ is not too sure...

So nice to sit down and take the weight off our feet!

Images C Photography

28 February 2011

Wedding: Reception

These are all professional photos, taken by Anton Chong of C Photography.

This selection of photos is from the reception.

Making our entrance.

Words of wisdom from our best man.

My cheeky groom.

It seemed such a shame to cut the masterpiece, but we did. A tip though is to make sure that you cut the cake early on, to give the kitchen time to slice it up and put it into bags. We did not cut our cake until later during the reception and I think that people missed out on getting a piece.

Awesome cake!

Images C Photography

27 February 2011

Wedding: Ceremony

These are all professional photos, taken by Anton Chong of C Photography.

This selection of photos is from the ceremony. We were married at the Scented Gardens on the South Perth foreshore. It is a lovely venue, a paved area with climbing plants over a timber structure.

Dad giving me a helping hand. As you do!

Standing around, waiting. We really were not sure what order the girls should walk. The question was whether the chief bridesmaid went first or last. We ended up asking Anton. Last was the response, and so the other two girls went in order of dress colour.

Waiting to hear the music. There were technical issues with our Portable soundsystem. I am not really sure what they were but I had to ask our MC if it was playing before Dad and I started!

Who gives this woman? Thankfully Dad refrained from asking for a couple of cows for me. It could have been ugly.

My knees were shaking! Apart from that I was great and could not stop smiling. I was so happy.

Make sure that you pick the correct ring! C's wedding ring is too large for any of my fingers.

Now it is my turn. I love those cufflinks.

First kiss as man and wife.

Signing the paperwork. Let's make it official before we head off to party!

My bridemaids are the first to congratulate me. C's family give him their blessings.

Happy families! We both have a new sister.

My Mum's side of the family! I had cousins fly in from Melbourne, Adelaide and Broome to make our wedding. Thank you for sharing our day!

Man and wife. Ready and primed for more photos.

Images C Photography

26 February 2011

Wedding: Preparation

Hello again!

It has been a wee while since I posted, and I really wanted to get my wedding photos out there. These are all professional photos, taken by Anton Chong of C Photography.

This selection of photos is from before the ceremony during our preparation time.

My dress, on rumpled bed.

These shoes, whilst the style to suit my dress, were so uncomfortable that by the end of photos I had lost feeling in at least four of my toes and the rest of my foot was tingling! It took a week for my toes to come back to feeling normal, and even then if I squatted down and changed the pressure on my toes they still tingled.

Mum struggled with the zip on my dress, so my sister E ended up making me safe.

Family photo. We do not have enough nice photos of our family!

My beautiful bridesmaids. Oh, and me as well!

Two of me!

C in the foreground with his groomsmen, all looking smart.

My handsome groom.

Images C Photography

27 December 2010

Kitchen Tea - the quiz

My sister E put together a quiz for my guests. I had requested no silly games, as I tend to find them annoying when I attend these kinds of parties. Then again, maybe it was my chance to exact revenge and I missed out on the opportunity! Bummer.

At any rate, the following questions were asked. Two friends were tied on seven apiece and we went into the tie breaker. My favourite bra type was all that split the two in the end!

Kirsty Quiz
1. When was Kirsty born?
2. What is her middle name?
3. Favourite food?
4. Favourite type of tea?
5. Favourite TV Show?
6. Where did Chad propose?
7. Did he go down on one knee?
8. Where is the honeymoon?
9. Where are Kirsty and Chad building their new house?
10. How many nieces & nephews does Kirsty have?

Tie breakers
1. Where did Kirsty meet Chad?
2. What is her favourite charity?
3. What is her favourite underwear label?

24 December 2010

Kitchen Tea - the guests

My mother graciously let us hold my kitchen tea at her place. All of my bridesmaids have relatively small abodes, and it would have been quite tight with the number of people we were inviting. Mum and Dad have a fairly large covered area at their place and it was great in case of contingency - rain or sunshine and we were set!

Dad disappeared for the afternoon and left us in peace. He made sure to come home though while there were still cakes on the table...

Thank you to my lovely bridesmaids for all their hard work and effort at organising, and to Mum for letting us crash your backyard! A marvellous day was had by all.

E conducting the Kirsty Quiz. I will post it shortly - see how you stack up!

Guests busily trying to remember my favourite colour.

Chocolate or strawberry? Hmmm....

Mum wishing that she was allowed to enter. "I know all of these answers. I would win!"

My lovely sister and me.

23 December 2010

Kitchen Tea - the food

My bridesmaids organised a kitchen tea for me. Given my love of afternoon tea it was a given that I would appreciate something special! Bridesmaid N cooked up an absolute storm, and in the days before my kitchen tea she won awards for her baking at one of the local shows! I was privileged to have some of those award winning recipes baked for my day.

There were a few people who contributed to the tasty treats on the table. N was most prolific, with plates of biscuits, eclairs, fruit tart, cake, and cute cupcakes. M made curry puffs, sandwiches and a madeira cake. My MIL made two types of caramel slice, and P brought along her famous corn salsa dip.

We were all well catered for! To wash it all down were cups of tea and a fruit punch that Mum made.

My sister picked up these cake toppers in the US when she visited earlier this year.

Yum chocolate cupcakes with a burst of white!!

These gorgeous fruit tarts were the first to disappear. I only managed to taste one!

Award winning biscuits. Yeeha!

11 December 2010


We are caught up now between Christmas and New Year. The writing of thank you cards is a more laborious process than I had anticipated - I have written 20 out of 66!! Phew. And then Christmas cards to write and send...

Yesterday we picked up our proof book from our photographer. It is a weighty tome - 187 pages of photos. Wow! We also have a DVD of all of our photos at 12Mb (or maybe 12 Megapixels, I cannot remember what he said and I have not looked at the files). At any rate rather large! We have to choose around 100 photos for our album. That will be a job for after Christmas I think...

Image C Photography

04 December 2010

Preserving your wedding cake!

After all of the hassles and running around that we had for our cake, C and I were very happy with the result! The lady who decorated our cake asked us to head out to her place (a 45 minute drive from home!) so that we could see it and let her know what we thought. We were happy to do so, although figured that there was not much that we could do the day before the wedding other than nod and smile if we did not like it!

We loved it! We were very happy with our cake and it surpassed our expectations. S had found a space for all of the icing flowers that Mum had purchased (which would make Mum happy!), and had added some colour through the use of blue and silver dots. I had been able to provide S with fabric samples from the dresses of two of our bridesmaids and she used these as a guide for the colour of the circles. She complemented the flowers with silver leaves and ended up using icing on the base of each layer rather than ribbon.

We did not manage to eat any cake on the day (tip: cut the cake early in the reception rather than towards the end, to give the kitchen time to cut it and serve it up!) and I made up for that the day after our wedding. Yum! I love fruit cake and this was extra special and rich, with dates and apricots and almonds and all sorts of good things. Only the bottom tier was cut, and not all of that served, so we have lots of cake to see us through the next few years.

As we were heading off onto our honeymoon the next day, we postponed preparing our cake for long term storage and ended up putting the two full tiers and remainder of the third tier into one of our car fridges. The warmest that we could set it to was 11C and so they sat in that environment for two weeks. This last week we scrambled around looking for containers large enough for each tier and ended up calling upon the services of my tupperware friend to find us something suitable. Yay!

Today we wrapped both up in two layers of gladwrap, then a layer of alfoil, placed them into the tupperware and into the deep freezer. Fingers crossed the tupperware will protect them from picking up any freezer smells. (They are in the bait freezer.)

I have read a few different websites with varying opinions on the best way to preserve the wedding cake, and also different opinions on the sucecss of freezing icing! At any rate we have frozen ours with the icing intact and we shall see how it goes. The response on this forum seems to indicate that freezing the icing should be okay, and our cake decorator also suggested that we freeze it. S had not had experience herself with freezing the cakes but she did tell us that it had been recommended by one of her colleagues, and also that she had issues with icing left out of the fridge/freezer going rancid due to humidity. S advised that the icing was more likely to go off before the cake!

Image C Photography

01 December 2010

Lovely ladies

My beautiful bridesmaids and me. All dressed up with somewhere to go!!

Image C Photography

30 November 2010


I just unsubscribed to all of the wedding blogs that I never found the time to read anyway! It feel relief that I no longer feel that I have to maintain my subscription just in case they posted an idea that I would use.

I am still reading the blogs of fellow brides, I do enjoy reading their stories and ideas and ups and downs and seeing how they go through the process. It is nice to read about the joys and laughs of other brides!

Over the next week or so I will post pictures of our day and the bits and pieces from the leadup until our wedding. I still have to post photos from my kitchen tea and hen's night! Terrible. C goes back to work on Thursday so I should have a little more spare time to devote to documenting our wedding.

Image C Photography

29 November 2010


We are back from our honeymoon (photos later) and a surprise waiting for us was a sample of the official photos from our wedding! So exciting! Yay!

I love C's blue cufflinks, they are such a statement. My sister E won them for him! Apparently his groomsmen were giving him grief about them however I put it down to their lack of fashion sense and style!

Image C Photography