Gift ideas

I was playing with the concept of an online type registry. We ended up putting most items onto a store registry however they do not sell everything! These items are the bits and pieces that we would like and that did not fall into the store registry.

There are some items we are rather specific on brand and type, and others that are concepts. Some items are preferred upgrades, for example the KitchenAid Food Processor, and others are concepts such as the brief for a quilt to be 100% cotton king sized.

These gift ideas are just that. Ideas. We leave it up to you to take an idea and make it your own.
ItemKnown Stockist & RRPNotes
Milk Pan
A milk pan would be very much appreciated. With a little pouring spout and no teflon in sight it would be great to warm up milk and sauces
Slow Cooker
A slow cooker would be perfect for Chad to make soups and stews.
Recipes to use would be appreciated...
King sized quilt cover set
A quilt cover to brighten our bedroom. 100% cotton please.
100% Cotton underlay, queen sized
dariol moulds
steel round cookie cutter set
loose based tart shells
Ice cream makerHomemade ice cream. No preservatives and real ingredients. Yum!

These suggestions are items that we would love for our home. These are specific types and styles that have been on our wishlist for a while.
ItemKnown Stockist & RRPNotes
KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor
KitchenWareDirect, House, David Jones $575An upgrade that Kirsty has been dreaming of for a while
Microplane grater zester
An awesome zester!!
Le Creuset Cobalt Blue Ramekins
KitchenWareDirect $27We would love a few of these for puddings and warm treats (they also come in red)
Bee House Black 450ml Tea Pot
KitchenWareDirectKirsty has around 25 different teas in the house. Good teapots are always appreciated!