30 June 2010

Destination Honeymoon: NOT our hotel!

We have flights for our honeymoon and nothing else so at the moment we are sleeping on the beach. We are looking at a few places but Karma Jimbaran, whilst it looks heavenly, is well out of our budget. Still it is nice to dream!

They have 38 three or four bedroom pool villas, so I am guessing you would go there with a group.

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27 June 2010

Beautiful dresses

These dresses by Louise Alvarez are gorgeous! Simple and elegant and very feminine. There are many more lovely examples on her website for you to swoon over.

Found thanks to Polka Dot Bride.
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23 June 2010

Destination Honeymoon - for real!

Last week I booked flights for our honeymoon. We have finally made a decision and are going to Bali.

It does seem like a very cliched destination however there were a few factors in our selection.
- We are building a house and do not wish to commit too many funds.
- We are restricted with time due to C's work commitments and he does not wish to take another roster off.

We may go for a longer holiday at a later stage. I thought it was important though that we take a holiday together directly after the wedding, rather than putting it off. We also toyed with the idea of going down south for a few days but this will (hopefully!) not be too much more expensive and great to relax together and enjoy the watersports and eating.

We are now trying to figure out where we should stay...

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22 June 2010

One step at a time...

C and I used out time on Sunday in Melbourne to scour the pattern books in Lincraft and purchase this pattern for the waistcoats for his groomsmen. Now we just have to find some nice fabric.

C has decided that he does not wish for him or the groomsmen to wear ties so that removes one item of detail. He's also wavering on whether or not to wear a jacket, although I do not think that they will be necessary.

Any suggestions for good fabric sources in Australia, preferably in Perth, appreciated. The bridesmaids are wearing silk.

21 June 2010

Going from strange to out of control!

Early on in the wedding planning process, I signed up for Project Wedding's daily tips. Most of them have been of vague interest, none of the tips are particularly pointed however I have enjoyed some of the ideas and photos that they send.

It has all gone strange in the last week or so.

The first was advice on Hair Extensions. Definitely not something that I would consider for my wedding, however I could see that some women may wish to enhance their hair. Fair enough.

The next was regarding Teeth Whitening. Again something that is not on my radar. I attempted to liken it to Fake Tans to try and understand the need for it.

I sent this to my bridesmaids. We joked about it and E pointed out that as well as teeth whitening at the Bridal Expo she had seen a booth advertising breast enhancements.

The latest advice was on botox injections! It is just getting a little outside of my interest area. I mean, ideas for making your own invitations and styles of veil I can relate to. Advice on botox is getting silly.

I am curious now to see the next pearl of wisdom for cosmetic enhancement.

I guess the reason why it all seems out of control for me is that I am happy with who I am. I am wearing a dress that I will feel comfortable wearing and I know will flatter me. I plan to have minimal makeup as I want to look like me, not some fantasy bride.

13 June 2010

Not my cup of tea

The Bridal Expo we went to yesterday was also the source of some items that were not quite my cup of tea, or just intrigued us.

First was this (I assume) buck's cake make by Madeliene's Cake Creations. Their website boasts "No cake is too big, too small or too bizarre! Madeliene's Cake Creations can do anything requested(within reason)." Notice in the photos to the right of the cake that they also make cakes for the hen's party...

There were a couple of booths there advertising teeth whitening. This seemed a little over the top for a Bridal Fair for me, but I guess it could be considered in the same class as a fake tan. Notice that in the back of the booth is a tooth costume. E was most disappointed that noone was wearing it!

12 June 2010

Bridal Expo 2010

I asked my sister if she would like to go to a Bridal Expo with me this weekend. She said that she would go, so today we wandered off to Burswood for a looksee and perhaps to find some inspiration.

A lot of the larger items have already been organised for our wedding (photographer, venue, celebrant hair and makeup, cake and so forth), so the day was more about having a look and gathering ideas. There were a few stand out gems amongst the crowd, as a general rule involving food!

There was not much there for the groom. I was a little disappointed as C asked me especially to keep an eye out for some inspiration.

Beautiful handmade chocolates by KaKaWa.

Tasty cookies by The Sassy Cookie. We tasted their sample and at the end of the Expo went back and bought a bag!

Beautiful afternoon teas by Antiquitea. They hire beautiful china and cutlery as well as providing a catering service.

Some inspiration for the groom courtesy of Dress Circle.

The lovely ladies of Mitchell & Dent with their gorgeous wedding stationery. Looks like their beautiful designs were popular!

Lastly, The Celtic Centre. A wedding is always a good place to display your Celtic heritage. The models were performing the traditional highland air guitar dance.

10 June 2010


C's mum breeds miniature dachshunds, so maybe we could have something like this in her honour!

Image here

08 June 2010

Mother of the Bride Inspiration

I started his post back in March, thinking that I would collect a picture or two along the way to post some inspiration for the mother of the bride. My mum managed to beat me to it and has her outfit hanging in her closet waiting to be worn!

This is the single inspiration photo that I have. I like the dress that the mother of the bride is wearing. It is elegant and tasteful, and flatters her figure. It has a mix of fabrics and colours without being too loud.

Image here

06 June 2010

In search of shoes

Today Mum, E and I went to Harbour Town. We dropped into every shoe shop and looked for a suitable shoe for me for the wedding. It is quite disheartening to see the shoes at the moment. Lurid colours, high heels and tacky materials. Nothing that tempts me.

I looked to Etsy for some inspiration. Slim pickings and of course sizes are hit or miss but still something to think about.

1, 2, 3

05 June 2010

Stationary Stationery

I was going to suggest to my sister E that we go to a local Bridal Expo next weekend. That is, until I had a look at their Preferred Suppliers and realised that they had Stationary vendors!

Honestly I do not understand why it is so difficult to spell it correctly! See here for my last expression of disappointment.

Back to the Expo... I believe it is the same one I went to a few years ago (2001??) with my friend SCC. I know she found it useful to organise at least her wedding limousine. We do still have a few items to arrange for our wedding and it may be of use - dodgy spelling not withstanding.

03 June 2010

For the star wars nerd

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

How cute is this wedding cake topper? The bouquet can be customised to your wedding flowers too.

Made by HILDOM.

01 June 2010

DIY Cake topper

Maybe I should buy a set for each of my bridesmaids. I could set up a competition and the winner of course would have their creation on the top of our cake! Then again we are having three tiers so maybe we could use it like the olympic podium...

Alternatively this could be the party game for a Kitchen Tea. Hours of fun!

Kit available on Etsy from goosegrease

I had a moment this morning...

I signed up for the City to Surf for the 12km run. I have never run the city to surf and for some reason this year felt like the year to give it a crack.

Work has organised a weekly training session and hopefully I can motivate myself to fill in the gaps.

The run starts at a reasonable time of 9.30am, so fingers crossed that the weather is great at the end of August.

Image of random corporate team here