01 June 2010

I had a moment this morning...

I signed up for the City to Surf for the 12km run. I have never run the city to surf and for some reason this year felt like the year to give it a crack.

Work has organised a weekly training session and hopefully I can motivate myself to fill in the gaps.

The run starts at a reasonable time of 9.30am, so fingers crossed that the weather is great at the end of August.

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  1. Thanks for dropping by :)

    I did the City to Surf the last two years. But literally straight off the couch.

    Thinking of training and doing the half marathon this year... oh, who am I kidding?

  2. Off the couch I would die! The point of doing it is to try to have something to motivate me to keep exercising.

    Good luck with the half marathon. Give me another ten years and I may talk myself into it!


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