12 June 2010

Bridal Expo 2010

I asked my sister if she would like to go to a Bridal Expo with me this weekend. She said that she would go, so today we wandered off to Burswood for a looksee and perhaps to find some inspiration.

A lot of the larger items have already been organised for our wedding (photographer, venue, celebrant hair and makeup, cake and so forth), so the day was more about having a look and gathering ideas. There were a few stand out gems amongst the crowd, as a general rule involving food!

There was not much there for the groom. I was a little disappointed as C asked me especially to keep an eye out for some inspiration.

Beautiful handmade chocolates by KaKaWa.

Tasty cookies by The Sassy Cookie. We tasted their sample and at the end of the Expo went back and bought a bag!

Beautiful afternoon teas by Antiquitea. They hire beautiful china and cutlery as well as providing a catering service.

Some inspiration for the groom courtesy of Dress Circle.

The lovely ladies of Mitchell & Dent with their gorgeous wedding stationery. Looks like their beautiful designs were popular!

Lastly, The Celtic Centre. A wedding is always a good place to display your Celtic heritage. The models were performing the traditional highland air guitar dance.


  1. So very lovely to meet you yesterday. Brilliant pic of the wonderfully cringe-worthy dancing kilt boys - made my day!

  2. Lovely to meet you too. I hope that your weekend was successful.

    We liked the kilt boys, at least they had a laugh! The other boys looked like they wanted to be somewhere else.


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