05 June 2010

Stationary Stationery

I was going to suggest to my sister E that we go to a local Bridal Expo next weekend. That is, until I had a look at their Preferred Suppliers and realised that they had Stationary vendors!

Honestly I do not understand why it is so difficult to spell it correctly! See here for my last expression of disappointment.

Back to the Expo... I believe it is the same one I went to a few years ago (2001??) with my friend SCC. I know she found it useful to organise at least her wedding limousine. We do still have a few items to arrange for our wedding and it may be of use - dodgy spelling not withstanding.


  1. I've been to 2 wedding expos and not bought a single thing. I love them anyway :) And I'll be going this weekend for sure!

  2. My sister is keen to go so I think that we will be there too. We need to get a move on with the invitations, so hopefully there will be some inspiration there!

  3. Omigoodness, yes. Our pet hate too.

  4. We have a stationary cupboard at work. To be honest though, I haven't seen it move so I guess that it is stationary!

    Every time I walk past it I want to pull out my camera and take a photo. I am just not sure what kind of reception I would get...

  5. Gosh yes, it would have been 2001 or so. Scary.

  6. I was trying to remember when it would have been.

    I think it was better when we went...


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