30 November 2010


I just unsubscribed to all of the wedding blogs that I never found the time to read anyway! It feel relief that I no longer feel that I have to maintain my subscription just in case they posted an idea that I would use.

I am still reading the blogs of fellow brides, I do enjoy reading their stories and ideas and ups and downs and seeing how they go through the process. It is nice to read about the joys and laughs of other brides!

Over the next week or so I will post pictures of our day and the bits and pieces from the leadup until our wedding. I still have to post photos from my kitchen tea and hen's night! Terrible. C goes back to work on Thursday so I should have a little more spare time to devote to documenting our wedding.

Image C Photography

29 November 2010


We are back from our honeymoon (photos later) and a surprise waiting for us was a sample of the official photos from our wedding! So exciting! Yay!

I love C's blue cufflinks, they are such a statement. My sister E won them for him! Apparently his groomsmen were giving him grief about them however I put it down to their lack of fashion sense and style!

Image C Photography

26 November 2010

Bridesmaid pretties

It seems that a common gift for bridesmaids is to give them the jewellery that they will wear on the day. I was hoping to give my bridesmaids something a little quirky that they might hopefully wear again, so I turned to my sister for ideas. She is usually good for items that are interesting and fashionable!

Her suggestion was the mini necklaces by Victoria Mason. These are beautiful charms and I had trouble narrowing it down to three! With a little more help from E I ended up selecting these three treasures.


23 November 2010

A sweet thank you

Our bomboniere were fairly simple. I had tried to think of something creative and interesting and useful and gave up. It was back to chocolate, and in the search for simple E and I came across Whistlers at the Perth Upmarket. They were offerering a 90g block of creamy milk chocolate at a price that was within our budget and I could see that labelling them would be fairly simple. They fit the criteron for locally made, and although I am trying to steer myself towards fair trade chocolate I thought that our guests would be more appreciative of the local product.

At the time that we ordered the chocolates, we planned to use them as our individualised table name settings as well and it all tied in.

Mum and I went into the factory store to speak to Whistlers about ordering the bars, and see if there was a discount for ordering in bulk! Rina was very friendly and she suggested that they wrap the bars in coloured foil, rather than the cellophane of the trial block that E and I had bought.

We thought that this would be a great idea and selected two blues and silver to complement our bridal colours. The chocolates are made to order and this means that they we fresh for our guests!

I toyed with several ideas for labels - my original thought was to use parchment paper to print labels and wrap these around the bars. I then tried to think of ways to incorporate a swing tag style label, and to use our lovely chiyogami paper. In the end though I went back to the wrap around lable but used the vellum that we had made our invitations with. I printed a thank you message for our guests and Chad and I spent part of an evening wrapping and sticking them around the bars. They looked so pretty when we had finished!

21 November 2010

The morning after - part 2

New little sister
Partying hard. Already
borrowing my clothes

For better haiku, check out my (other) sister E's blog. She is much more lyrical than I.


The morning after

It feels so surreal, the morning after.

Today we marvelled in the state of marriage, unwrapped gifts, sat around waiting for groomsmen suits to return tomorrow, and picked up our wedding cake.

We missed having a piece, yesterday. Today though there is time to enjoy the cake and each other's company.

19 November 2010

Tying a tie

We're at the pointy end now, and the groom and groomsmen all need to look their best!

The only time that ties come out of the drawer in our house is for my work balls. Chad likes to do it right and we head straight to the internet for instructions on how to tie the perfect tie.

Here's hoping that they all manage the intricacies for the wedding, none of the boys are regular tie wearers so it will be fun to see how they go.

17 November 2010

Bucks and crays

A trip to Rottnest for the start of the Crayfish season (15th November here in WA!) seemed like the perfect platform for a bucks show. C and several of his mates went over on Sunday - four boats in total - for the start of the season on Monday. The windy weather meant that they were not able to access their usual spots and the haul was a measly 6 amongst the three of them who dove. There had been some shark activity recently in the area and not all of the boys were game enough to get into the water!

Rottnest is one of the places that I want to visit more frequently - we have the means to get over there and we can chuck our bikes onto the boat to get around once we are there. Maybe this summer...

16 November 2010

Cake giveaway

Local Perth cake decorator extraordinaire Delicate-Lee is giving away a wedding cake to a lucky Perth bride! See here for more details. It sounds delicious - three layers of chocolate fudge covered in more chocolate.

Kaylee's cakes are beautiful creations, check them out on her blog.

15 November 2010

Predicting the weather

Last year, on the same date as our wedding, it rained. I figured that the chances of it raining again this year would be slight, however the weather last week - 10mm of rain! - made me pause.

It seems that rain however is not on our horizon. The prediction is for 37C after two days of 36C!! I will definitely be keeping my eye on the weather but summer is a coming in and it will be hot hot hot!!

I am extra glad now that I avoided the meringues when it came to selecting my wedding dress.


12 November 2010

Something blue...

I already have "something blue" but have still to find myself a a pair of earrings! I know what I will be shopping for next week...

(I am still to figure out "something borrowed" and I fear that I am running out of time.)

2, 1, 3, 5, 4

11 November 2010

Playing with flowers

The florist rang me today and let me know that the blushing bride is not available! So, to complement these flowers we need to find an alternative.

A few alternatives that we have been offered are lovely gum blossoms and geraldton wax. Hmmm... more choices to be made!

3, 2, 1

10 November 2010

Nearly there - wedding dress!

Yesterday my bridesmaids (N, E & M), Mum and I met at the dressmaker's for their first and only fitting and my third fitting.

It was very exciting to see the girls in their dresses and the beautiful colours complementing each other. Gorgeous!

It was then my turn. I was very excited and my dress is looking so good! N hadn't seen me wear it before - only briefly on a shop dummy - whereas the others had been dragged into Hustle with me when I tried it on.

Yay! I am very happy and excited and looking forward to wearing it and I really hope that Chad loves it too.

We will all pick up our dresses next week (complete with zips and hemmed) and then it is just the big day that we have to wait for.


06 November 2010

Time flies...

How time does fly when you are having fun! Wedding highlights of this week:

I rang the lady who is decorating our cake to check to see if she uses marzipan. We forgot to ask her when we were discussing our cake, and she forgot to ask us! It is all good, she only uses marzipan if we want it, and we definitely do not.
She also now has our cakes - Chad's aunt dropped them off - and I look forward to seeing her interpretation of our cake. I have sent her some of the fabric from our bridesmaid dresses so that she can see what our colours will be.

We picked up Chad's wedding ring. It still felt too large for his finger however the lady said to give it a whirl as she thought that his hands were quite cold. After riding around the river after work yesterday he tried it again and it still slipped off easily. They are going to order a smaller one in for us and third time is a charm we hope!

While we were riding we stopped to look at our ceremony venue. It is looking lovely, with a nice coverage of greenery and plenty of space for our guests.

We had a meeting at our reception venue today, and went through the menu, wine list etc. It is all so easy! They will make up the seating plans and even personalise the menus so that we do not have to provide the seating tags. Pretty cool, eh? We are looking forward to good food and a great party!


02 November 2010


I have ordered our thank you notes! It is very important to make sure that you thank your guests for coming and sharing your day with them, and of course thanking your dear old aunts who could not make it due to health reasons/being out of the state/country but sent you half of their life savings anyway.

The image above, from Mokoh, graced the thank you cards that we sent out for our engagement party. I love the simplicity of the pattern! Mokoh Designs are made here in Western Australia and use papers from sustainable sources.