06 November 2010

Time flies...

How time does fly when you are having fun! Wedding highlights of this week:

I rang the lady who is decorating our cake to check to see if she uses marzipan. We forgot to ask her when we were discussing our cake, and she forgot to ask us! It is all good, she only uses marzipan if we want it, and we definitely do not.
She also now has our cakes - Chad's aunt dropped them off - and I look forward to seeing her interpretation of our cake. I have sent her some of the fabric from our bridesmaid dresses so that she can see what our colours will be.

We picked up Chad's wedding ring. It still felt too large for his finger however the lady said to give it a whirl as she thought that his hands were quite cold. After riding around the river after work yesterday he tried it again and it still slipped off easily. They are going to order a smaller one in for us and third time is a charm we hope!

While we were riding we stopped to look at our ceremony venue. It is looking lovely, with a nice coverage of greenery and plenty of space for our guests.

We had a meeting at our reception venue today, and went through the menu, wine list etc. It is all so easy! They will make up the seating plans and even personalise the menus so that we do not have to provide the seating tags. Pretty cool, eh? We are looking forward to good food and a great party!


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