23 November 2010

A sweet thank you

Our bomboniere were fairly simple. I had tried to think of something creative and interesting and useful and gave up. It was back to chocolate, and in the search for simple E and I came across Whistlers at the Perth Upmarket. They were offerering a 90g block of creamy milk chocolate at a price that was within our budget and I could see that labelling them would be fairly simple. They fit the criteron for locally made, and although I am trying to steer myself towards fair trade chocolate I thought that our guests would be more appreciative of the local product.

At the time that we ordered the chocolates, we planned to use them as our individualised table name settings as well and it all tied in.

Mum and I went into the factory store to speak to Whistlers about ordering the bars, and see if there was a discount for ordering in bulk! Rina was very friendly and she suggested that they wrap the bars in coloured foil, rather than the cellophane of the trial block that E and I had bought.

We thought that this would be a great idea and selected two blues and silver to complement our bridal colours. The chocolates are made to order and this means that they we fresh for our guests!

I toyed with several ideas for labels - my original thought was to use parchment paper to print labels and wrap these around the bars. I then tried to think of ways to incorporate a swing tag style label, and to use our lovely chiyogami paper. In the end though I went back to the wrap around lable but used the vellum that we had made our invitations with. I printed a thank you message for our guests and Chad and I spent part of an evening wrapping and sticking them around the bars. They looked so pretty when we had finished!

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