09 August 2010


I received the quote from the florist who Mum and I visited. I was pleasantly surprised - it was under the figure that I had been thinking so I guess it was not all bad that we did not discuss a budget!

We sat with her and went through some photos of bouquets and flowers and tried to piece together a concept. I really liked the florist shop, it is in an older building and the floor and counter are timber. It has a great vibe to it. I also like the flowers that they have on display as well.

I said that I would prefer native flowers, and that I was keen on strong colours. She had many questions about the style of the bouquet and I have to confess that I had not thought too hard about what bits and pieces go into making flowers look their best!

I find it difficult to visualise what it would look like, and it is difficult to find bouquets on the website with the flower combinations that I have been looking at!

The beautiful Banksia coccinea.

Leucadendron, native to South Africa.

Serruria florida, colloquially known as "blushing bride", and also native to South Africa.

Eucalyptus nuts or something similar.

Gum blossom as a component.

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  1. Oooooh wildflowers! Your bouquet is going to be awesome!

  2. I am pretty excited about them. I love the colours - they look nice and natural.

    I was intrigue by how different the second quote I received was, especially after having this one! I gave both florists the same concept.


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