22 August 2010

The seeds of an invitation

E and I have been busy scouring the pretty paper shops of Perth! We started a couple of weeks ago at Starfish Lane. After browsing through their ideas and papers I redesigned the invitation that I had in my head. Unfortunately they did not have all of the paper available that we required so I ordered what I could and purchased that yesterday, with the intent of finding the remainder of our requirements elsewhere.

We first tried Annie P Paperie. They had some pretty paper but not what we were looking for and disappointingly their card was all metallic and shiny, not the matte finish that we were looking for.

Next on our list was Collins Craft up in Balcatta. It had been recommended to me by my friend AT and E and I were very impressed by the large range that they had available! We were able to purchase the rest of the card that we required there and for a cheaper price than I had paid at Starish Lane.

Now all that remains is to get the words right and put it all together!

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