10 August 2010

One bouquet option

On the weekend I went to another (local) florist to get a second quote for flowers for the wedding. They have a standard wedding package that consists of choice of roses and camellias. They sounded a little uninspired to me - unless of course I cannot find any flowers more interesting - and I attempted to explain what I liked. The florist had made a few calls to find out what was in season for our wedding and in the end came up with the following flower combinations.

My two thoughts were for bold colours - reds and oranges - and native Australian flowers. She managed the bold colours.

Leucosperum, or pincusion, native to Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Antherium, native to Central and South America.

Orange roses.


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  1. Ugh. I don't like them separately or together. Except orange roses.

  2. They are very... bright.

    Her roses didn't look like that. She showed me the rose and lilium together and also tried to add an iris.


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