03 August 2010

Wedding venues wrapped up!

I am excited. Last week we received confirmation from the council that the booking of the site for our wedding ceremony was confirmed, and yesterday C finally was able to book the pub for our after wedding party! So all of our venues have been booked and I really need to start thinking hard about our invitations.

The format of our wedding will be morning ceremony, lunchtime reception then party at the pub! Everything is within walking distance for our guests and we are hoping that they will enjoy the party. It also means that we can invite friends and colleagues to the pub to party with us who we are not able to squeeze into the guest list.

Image here


  1. Yay! how exciting! I bet you are relieved to finally have the venues sorted!

    I've been busy trying to design my invites this week!


  2. The wedding planning has been slow lately and it is all starting to cram up! So yes, happy that everything is sorted.

    Invitations... where to start? What sort of style are you going for?

    I would like invitations with minimal effort, minimal cost and maximum impact however I do not have the creative talent for that :)


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