27 August 2010

Dressing up the groom

Chad decided that he wanted to buy a new suit for our wedding (rather than just trousers and shirt). He told me that one suit is not enough. Given that he wears the one suit that he has at most three times a year this is perhaps not strictly true but I would rather he bought new than hire and have something to keep at the end.

We ended up at Tony Barlow in Harbour Town, where his previous suit had been obtained. The gentleman there measured him up, asked what he was after and produced exactly what Chad was looking for. I am sure that he is a magician! We also picked up the shirt for him to wear and it was tempting to buy them for the groomsmen as the shirt was much nicer than the hire ones.

An added bonus is that the jacket looks great with jeans, and so Chad now has a versatile outfit to wear after we are married. Yay.

I definitely recommend Tony Barlow at Harbour Town. We have had excellent service both times Chad has been looking for a suit and a completely stress free experience.


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