07 August 2010

Cake confusion

I am confused now about the wedding cake decorations. Chad's mum makes beautiful cakes and I was really happy when she offered to make our cake for us. I had this vague thought that it wouldn't be too hard to ice (right??) and then we could buy some icing flowers from a shop and stick them on it with some ribbons and it would be all good.

I found a design that I liked, and Chad liked too, and I thought that would be it. (It's the first cake, with the cascade of roses and large letters.) Simple. Elegant. Case closed.

It then got complicated as several people bought into the design and flowers and I was pressured to decide what flowers I would like and what colour.
(White roses?? Like the photo??) We settled on blue orchids as Chad wanted blue and orchids were a flower that I thought would look reasonably natural as a blue colour. Besides, there is a White Stripes song that we could play whilst cutting the cake!

It got even more complicated when we were told the blue orchids would not match the bridal bouquet or the venue flowers and that I needed to sort out my bouquet first and decide on a floral theme! After this it just got all too hard for me and I tried not to think about it.

Chad and his mum did some searching of the cake shops here and they found Sugar Smith as a great source of icing flowers and cake decorating supplies.

Mum and I went in to have a look this morning at their flowers and cakes. We did not mind the rose poseys. None of the flowers that they had on display really took our fancy, and there were a little too many ribbons and bows for my taste!

When Mum & I went to the florist a couple of weeks ago we got her to quote for supplying fresh flowers for the cake as an alternative. The florist came up with a suggested design that we were happy with and if she uses the same flowers as are in the bouquets then we can have a floral theme and everyone will be happy!!

So my decision to be made now is whether we buy a couple of the icing poseys - white roses! - for decoration or if we get fresh flowers from the florist.

Image here

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