30 August 2010

An inspiring wedding poem

I have been trying to scout out something suitable as a reading for our wedding. In amongst the corny poems and readings I came across this gem, attributed to Bec Hewitt.

Elissa was inspired by Bec's words and composed the following rhyme for us!

There once was a bit of a dish
Who liked to go out and catch fish
Then he met a lovely belle
Who liked seafood as well
And together they are quite delish.

My sister is such a clever clogs!



  1. Hey there! Greets from Koblenz! Nice to hear, that like my town and my map. If I will sell them some day, I will send you an email, ok? Have a nice day, caro

  2. Hello Caro!
    Your message was meant for my sister, her blog is cerebral excrement. I have passed it on to her.
    I was in Koblenz as well with Elissa, we stayed at the Jugendherberge - what a cool building.
    That is definitely a great map you have!

  3. haha oh yes that bec poem was hilarious.

    your sisters poem is cute!

    golly not long to go now! how exciting!


  4. It was a train wreck! I am not convinced that Bec actually wrote it. If she did then I am truly embarrassed for her.

    Exciting... yes. I will hold to that thought. Exciting rather than stressful.

    Yours is pretty soon too, yes? Make sure you stayed excited, not stressed too!


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