09 September 2010

Invitation Busy Bee

Bridesmaid ML came over last night to help with the invitation construction line. She brought over a couple of cutters and soon set to work making piles of card and paper for making invitations. I was a bit slow and still had some of the invite sheets to print as well as RSVP cards. I eventually knocked those over and started to construct the invitations.

It was great to get things moving and we managed to get a grand total of twelve invitations constructed! All of the RSVP cards have been cut and stamps added. I shall have a few more busy hours putting the rest of the invitations together, and addressing envelopes. I shall have to see if I can enlist the services of my sister E and other bridesmaid NM to help keep the production line rolling.



  1. oh yay how excite! can't wait to see the finished product!

    how many weeks before the wedding are you sending yours out?
    we sent ours two months before, and everyone got mad at us for sending them out so late. whoops!


  2. Everything is done now, I just have to print out the maps. NM came over yesterday and spent three hours trimming and sticking while I sorted out envelopes!

    It will be two months prior by the time that everything is sent out. We told everyone back at Christmas time what date the wedding was going to be so hopefully not too many compaints :)

    How did the RSVPs go? Thick and fast or trickling in?


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