18 September 2010

Shoe pain

Today I dragged my understanding and long suffering sister shoe shopping. Searching for shoes is one of my least favoured tasks and we tried many different areas in our quest!

We started at Harbour Town, then moved to the Claremont and Subiaco areas and finally to Georgie's Bridal Shoes in West Leederville.

No real luck and after I dropped E at home I headed to Garden City to see if I could find some inspiration. (I was feeling too cheap to pay for parking in the city so instead I drove an extra 12km to the shopping centre. Hmmm.)

No luck there either although I did buy some undergarments. I thought that I would try a few different ones to see what would be most comfortable to wear on the day.

We came up with a few shoe ideas. Georgie's Bridal Shoes had a few styles that I could cope with, although they had the price to match! Most promising were Nina "Culver" in silver and Pink "Mist". For an extra $20 the Pink shoes can be made in a number of different colours.

I shall have to scour the city next Saturday (or tomorrow if I feel enthusiastic enough!) and hopefully I can come up with something.

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