19 September 2010

To RSVP or not to RSVP

I decided to send out an RSVP card with our invitations. Mum said that I should get people to RSVP by phone or email, but I was keen for something a little more formal. Phone and in person can be forgotten, and emails would be okay for most of the younger crowd but I did not want to assume that everyone could use it!

My experience from the RSVP details that we put on our engagement invitations was that noone used the particular phone number that I put in and only six used the specific email address.

I designed a simple RSVP in the shape of the postcard. The names of the invitees have been printed on each RSVP and I have also added a stamp to each postcard so that noone can complain about the cost of sending it! The only effort is to tick a box on the card and post it.

I am curious now to see what the take up rate will be for this method of RSVP. The pessimist in me says I will have a 20% return. The optimist says 80%. We shall see! I am putting a gadget on my blog to keep track of the numbers.


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