20 September 2010

Stationery First Aid

A big let down today. Eight of the invitations were returned, due to the address on them not being legible. I purchased envelopes that were 100% recycled and unbleached. The envelopes themselves are fine but I do not recommend printing on them.

I wavered between using the printer and handwriting, and in the end I printed since my writing is fairly scruffy. I also thought about sticking my address sticker on the envelopes but held off as it only has my name on it, and not Chad's.

Unfortunately the RSVP cards are doing the same - I printed directly onto the cards and they are rubbing off! I thought that it would be nice to have the RSVPs personalised - that is why I ended up directly printing. I tossed up ideas including printing the info onto a sticker and then sticking it onto the RSVP card, however I thought that there might be issues with people writing on the stickers.

Hmm, so a couple of lessons learned there!

Fingers crossed that the RSVPs make their way home. We now have a total of seven!

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