25 September 2010

Wedding music

I told my friend PH that I had (briefly) considered Also Sprach Zarathustra by Strauss as the song for my bridesmaids and I to walk down the path to.

She countered with the Imperial March. (Check out the head of the back cello in this video.)

I tried to explain the difference - Strauss had composed his music long before Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick had brought it to a popular audience, whereas the Imperial March was written specifically for a movie series. One choice was clearly much nerdier than the other.

I do not think that she was convinced.

If I was going to be sci-fi nerdy about it then Star Wars would not be my theme of choice - it would be Doctor Who!!

That would be really weird. I might as well have had a TARDIS wedding cake and made the groomsmen dress as Doctor Who monstors and the girls as companions, with a K9 ring bearer. Chad could dress as Tom Baker's Doctor and I could channel Romana.

Actually... come to think of it...

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