15 September 2010

Another box ticked

I posted the wedding invitations this morning. There was a big stack to go out! Last night we tidied everything up and stamped and sealed envelopes.

We bought a 5m roll of magnet to stick to the back of the invitations, so that people could put them on their fridge without having to scrounge around. I had worried that the magnet would not be strong enough – apparently that was not the issue. The magnet itself stayed on the fridge while the invitation fell off! So last night C and I spent pulling each magnet off and resticking it with double sided sticky tape.

We also checked each invitation and made sure all of the inserts were in there (registry card, RSVP card and map of the venues) before we sealed the envelope and put stamps on.

Phew. I am glad that is done now!

Thank you so much to my sister E for her design advice and to ML and NM for their cutting and sticking assistance in getting the invitations finished. And of course to C for his efforts of sticking and sealing. I think that it would have driven me batty to try and do it all myself!!

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