21 June 2010

Going from strange to out of control!

Early on in the wedding planning process, I signed up for Project Wedding's daily tips. Most of them have been of vague interest, none of the tips are particularly pointed however I have enjoyed some of the ideas and photos that they send.

It has all gone strange in the last week or so.

The first was advice on Hair Extensions. Definitely not something that I would consider for my wedding, however I could see that some women may wish to enhance their hair. Fair enough.

The next was regarding Teeth Whitening. Again something that is not on my radar. I attempted to liken it to Fake Tans to try and understand the need for it.

I sent this to my bridesmaids. We joked about it and E pointed out that as well as teeth whitening at the Bridal Expo she had seen a booth advertising breast enhancements.

The latest advice was on botox injections! It is just getting a little outside of my interest area. I mean, ideas for making your own invitations and styles of veil I can relate to. Advice on botox is getting silly.

I am curious now to see the next pearl of wisdom for cosmetic enhancement.

I guess the reason why it all seems out of control for me is that I am happy with who I am. I am wearing a dress that I will feel comfortable wearing and I know will flatter me. I plan to have minimal makeup as I want to look like me, not some fantasy bride.

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  1. The breast implant stall girl threw one of them at the Groomie and he caught it, then told me she made him touch her boobs. Hah.


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