13 June 2010

Not my cup of tea

The Bridal Expo we went to yesterday was also the source of some items that were not quite my cup of tea, or just intrigued us.

First was this (I assume) buck's cake make by Madeliene's Cake Creations. Their website boasts "No cake is too big, too small or too bizarre! Madeliene's Cake Creations can do anything requested(within reason)." Notice in the photos to the right of the cake that they also make cakes for the hen's party...

There were a couple of booths there advertising teeth whitening. This seemed a little over the top for a Bridal Fair for me, but I guess it could be considered in the same class as a fake tan. Notice that in the back of the booth is a tooth costume. E was most disappointed that noone was wearing it!


  1. We went too! I wasn't too impressed. I'd heard it was the big one of the year, but I think the Dusk event a few months ago was a million times better.

    BUT I surely did enjoy the men in kilts rocking out on the air guitar!

  2. It was smaller than we were expecting, and a bit limited in the Vendors exhibiting.

    We were trying to figure out exactly where the $16 entry fee was spent!

    My sister thought the kilt men were the highlight... I am still spun out over the nipples on that cake.


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