23 June 2010

Destination Honeymoon - for real!

Last week I booked flights for our honeymoon. We have finally made a decision and are going to Bali.

It does seem like a very cliched destination however there were a few factors in our selection.
- We are building a house and do not wish to commit too many funds.
- We are restricted with time due to C's work commitments and he does not wish to take another roster off.

We may go for a longer holiday at a later stage. I thought it was important though that we take a holiday together directly after the wedding, rather than putting it off. We also toyed with the idea of going down south for a few days but this will (hopefully!) not be too much more expensive and great to relax together and enjoy the watersports and eating.

We are now trying to figure out where we should stay...

Image here

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