31 May 2010

Animal attraction

Some more inspiration from Etsy for cute cake toppers. I prefer a generic type of topper, something that is symbolic rather than too closely matched to us! Besides, it is much cheaper that way for a detail that I think is lovely but not necessary.

There are some very cute animals out there. For some reason I am drawn to the birds. The thought of putting a piggy couple or a pair of cows on my wedding cake does not appeal to me, although there are some cute representations if you are so inclined!

PassionArte in Italy
Fliepsiebieps in The Netherlands
Country Squirrels-R-US from the US
Red Light Studio from the US
kikuike from Japan


  1. wow, really cute, i also found some nice anime wedding cakes topeprs from http://www.weddingcakestoppers.net/cute-animal-styles-wedding-cakes-toppers/

  2. Naruto they are very cute! I like the round bunnies.

  3. All cake toppers you choosen, are so lovely! Thank you so much for featuring my birdies!

  4. Your birds are gorgeous! Formal and very sweet.


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