09 May 2010

A beach wedding

Chad and I headed down to Margaret River for the wedding of C&J on Friday. It was a very simple wedding, attended by the bride and groom, their two sons, the best man (Chad) and bridesmaid and their partners, the bride's parents and the groom's mother and aunt.

The bridesmaid's partner H and I were both asked to take photographs for them of the day, and I managed to snap 276 over the course of festivities. It was pretty bright out so lots of squinting went on and I need to do some more learning on how to take photos and also edit them!

C and H came to our room in the morning for C and Chad to get ready. From there we headed to the Karridale Tavern to meet with everyone except the bride and bridesmaid and to the wedding venue at Hamelin Bay. After the ceremony we headed back to the Karridale Tavern for lunch and to relax.

Hamelin Bay is a gorgeous location! So peaceful. The bride's aisle was the sand and the processional music the sounds of the ocean.

Not looking too nervous.
Chad and me.
Mother of the groom sorting out the flowers.
The blushing bride.
Bridesmaid A with BabyR, Bride J and her father with BabyS.
Pledging their love.
Joined together.
Kiss the bride!
Happy family.
Just married.
Gorgeous bridesmaid.
Beautiful colours.


  1. ahh gotta love a beach wedding! Everyone looks so happy and I LOVE those beautiful flowers

  2. It was such a beautiful day too. It was misty in the morning and then cleared beautifully.

    Hamelin Bay is gorgeous!

    I was a bit worried about the burn offs as Perth had been blanketed the day before.

  3. Love Hamelin Bay!

    It looks like a lovely relaxed day. Perfect.

    Folowing along with you now :)

  4. It was the most relaxed wedding I can remember. Then again there were only ten adults plus the celebrant and two kids!

    Such a magical spot.


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