05 May 2010

Looking for... waistcoats?

I went for a wander at lunchtime today, practicing being a wife by purchasing face wash and deodorant for my beloved. On my way back to the office I thought that I would make some enquiries about waistcoats for our wedding.

First up Ferrari Formalwear. They had they waistcoats on display, and one or two of them seemed okay. On speaking to the friendly salesgirl, I was told that they do not sell the waistcoats, and they will only hire them out with a full suit. Whilst that could still be an option for us, dependent on cost, it is not what we are looking at doing for the moment and she suggested that I try Tony Barlow across the road.

At Tony Barlow they were also very friendly. They do not sell waistcoats at all, and she suggested a couple of men's clothing stores that may stock waistcoats. I then asked about shirts and trousers, and was told that they have a range of shirts in different styles of collars and cuffs so we would have a range of garments for the boys to choose from... at least unless they are over six foot tall and in that case there was only one style of shirt that had extra long arms to cope. Two of C's groomsmen S and CF are around his height, and sleight. D however is six foot six so we may need to look harder to find a shirt his size! Conveniently King Size Menswear is located across the road ...

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