01 May 2010

Groomsmen style

Now that the bridesmaid dresses are organised we can look at the outfits for C and the groomsmen.

The plan for the boys is for trousers, shirt, waistcoat and tie. They will not have jackets so the waistcoat will be on display!

There are so many options for what we can do with the boys' outfits. I think that C is keen for grey trousers, although I am not sure how that will work with his waistcoat, which will be white with silver.

Ideas for the groomsmen include:
  • Blue waistcoats in different shades, ties to match

  • Waistcoats in the same shade, ties in different shades of blue

  • Charcoal waistcoats, blue ties

  • Waistcoats patterned, ties plain

  • Both waistcoats and ties plain

Lots of subtle variations. Nothing too over the top! There is also the matter of where we will get them from. C's mother has offered to make them waistcoats, and she measured the boys at our engagement party for reference. I think that would be the nicest option, and hopefully will give us more flexibility with colours.

I went looking for some inspiration online from the local Perth hire places, and could only find a few. None of them were what I was looking for either. They are all a bit washed out; the girls are in dark colours so the boys will need to have strong shades to suit!

The first is the best of the four. I like the stripes, and it would work well with the right shade of blue. Not sure why I picked the second, maybe for the contrast between the patterned waistcoat and darker plain tie. The third is closer to the colour combinations that we would be thinking of, and the fourth reminds me of an old school loungue, or maybe wallpaper...

First three here, fourth here

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