25 May 2010

Wow - what a cake!

I was doing a quick search for some wedding cake inspiration and came across this made locally by Avanti Cakes.

Umm. Wow. Very impressive! Although to my untrained eye it looks like two different cakes (in stacks of three) stacked up.


  1. Hi Kirsty,
    Perhaps you could have a blue cake to represent the ocean with the two of you in a boat instead of the the usual couple standing in the middle! You are a true Willetton girl if you like blue that much! Perhaps your bridesmaids will wear hockey uniforms? At least you can show off your legs! You can name the tables after hockey grounds instead of 1,2,3 etc. Although C may prefer types of sailboats! Have fun planning the big day!

  2. Hi Kay,
    None of my bridesmaids play hockey so no hockey uniforms for us. Definitely not on display!
    Blue has been my favourite colour for years, never thought about whether or not it had to do with my sports uniform.
    I think Chad would prefer types of fish rather than sailboats!!


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