16 May 2010

Third time lucky

J, the bride from the wedding we attended last week had a tricky time finding herself a wedding dress. She lives in country Western Australia, and initially tried to save herself some travel miles.

The first dress was ordered online. The vendor was in China and I understand that money was paid and measurements sent however no dress arrived and queries have not been responded to.

I am not entirely sure how the second dress was ordered, but it was in Melbourne and to be sent over to WA. It failed to appear on time so the bride and her bridesmaid set off in the car in search for dress number three.

They found it in a bridal shop in Rockingham. I am guessing that it was on the rack. A few adjustments needed to be made and the dress was perfect!

Dress number two did arrive in time for the wedding; in fact on the drive to Rockingham she received a call that the dress had arrived, but they decided not to tempt fate and continued with their mission to search for a dress.

J wore dress number three. Dress number two came along to the wedding for the ride but who knows whether dress number one will ever turn up?

In the end it all fell into place and she looked gorgeous, but I am sure that she could have done without the stress and hassle!

Fingers crossed that we so not see any drama with our dresses. Everything is being made locally so the only thing that could trip us up is availability of the silk!

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