13 April 2010

The groom

I almost forgot, there is another important person in the whole wedding setup - the groom! C and I are wanting to do something fairly simple for him and the groomsmen. Our wedding is in late spring, so a full suit in the Perth sunshine seems overkill (and fingers crossed that it does not rain!).

So, the plan for the men's uniform at this point is for them to all have the same colour trousers and shirts, and to dress it up with a waistcoat and cravat or fat tie. The colours we select will complement the bridesmaids, but not necessarily exactly match their outfits.

I must say that I do prefer a higher neck on the waistcoat. The tie is more of an accessory than a feature. The waistcoat says it all!

Some interesting tips on waistcoats and selection.

Images 1, 2 and 3

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