05 April 2010

A quick Sydney trip

Slightly embarassing, but I had never been to Sydney until this weekend. Paris, yes. London, yes. New York and even Moscow, but not Sydney. I took the opportunity of going to a friend's wedding in Hobart to stopover for a night to see what the fuss was all about.

I flew over on a redeye (midnight horror, or overnight flight). It seemed like a good idea at the time however the flight was barely more than 4 hours long and there was not enough time for sleeping.

Travel from the airport to the city is a breeze! There is the Airport Link train connection. I always think travelling by train to an airport is the way to go, having experienced the ease of travel as a tourist in places including London, Hong Kong, Brisbane...

I arrived at the hostel and parked my suitcase, then wandered off in search of breakfast. It was 7.30am and not much of the city (that I could see) was awake at this time. I found a small cafe that seemed to be doing a brisk trade with contingents of tour bus and the food seemed simple and fresh.

It was still early so I went to see the QVB (Queen Victoria Building). Such a beautiful building! Not many of the shops were open at this stage, I think that 10am was the magic time and as I left they were starting to open.

I eventually found my way onto a bus and went to the Paddington Markets. There were lots of interesting stalls selling clothes, homewares, second hand and vintage items and more! I walked back up Oxford Street to my hostel to check in.

After a snooze I checked out Market City. There is a market at the bottom, with retail shops and factory outlets and food above. It was like stepping into Asia, the style of the centre was reminiscent of being in another country! The IGA at the centre was like a giant Asian grocery store. More snoozing and then a shower before catching up with friends D&J for dinner and dessert.

The next morning I headed out to Circular Quay to find myself breakfast with view - of Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge. I could hardly leave Sydney without seeing that pair.

Mission accomplished I was back on the train to the airport, ready for my next adventure.

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