10 April 2010


My toilet is leaking. It has been so long since anyone turned the water to it on or off that the tap is stuck! I have managed to get the plastic tap cover off (thanks Dad!) and turning the spindle is my next challenge. C is not due back for another few days so if I do not stop the leak then the ensuite floor would be a swimming pool!

I went looking through C's tools. Funny, I know what a crimper looks like (for crimping lugs etc onto the ends of cable) and cocky beaks (for cutting electrical cable) but I am not sure what vice grips look like. So sad.

I think it is probably the seal, and we have already replaced the seal on the other toilet upstairs but it would be so nice to replace the toilet with someone more modern in style and more importantly with a dual flush to use less water!

Update: It is the cistern. Dad diagnosed it over the phone and the water is dropping from the cistern down. Phew. That water is cleaner than the stuff going through the bowl.

Another update: FIXED!! Thank you Chucky. xx.

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