14 April 2010

Ten things before I go to bed..

Ten Things as inspired by Pip from Meet Me At Mikes.

1. I have only ever run 10km once. That was around the Causeway and Narrows Bridge here in Perth.
2. Two foods that I find hard to resist ordering at a restaurant are tira misu and duck.
3. I went to Sydney (and Hobart) for the first time three weeks ago. They were the last two in my collection of Australian capital cities.
4. I am scared of heights.
5. I have never dyed my hair.
6. I met my fiance on a construction site. I told him that I read the Australian Wiring Rules in my spare time. He still asked me out!!
7. I am a Doctor Who nerd fan. Old school though, I used to watch in the 80s.
8. My sister and I went to the baths in Baden-Baden in Germany. We were naked. There were strange men there.
9. I love reading. Lately I have been reading travel narratives. Inspiring!
10. I have only ever drunk (hot) coffee once in my life (I will drink iced coffee).

Image taken at the Swarbrick Wilderness Discovery

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