22 April 2010

Destination: Honeymoon VI

(See Destination: Honeymoon I, II, III, IV and V)


When I came home from training the other night, C was watching the Top Gear Vietnam special on TV. Nothing unusual about that. Surprising however was that he had pulled up a map of Vietnam on his computer, he asked if I had been to Ho Chi Minh City (the answer is "yes" but I had to think about it before I got the right answer) and he had looked up the price of flights.

Wow! Vietnam is somewhere I would love to go back to. I have romantic ideas about riding on the Reunification Express (although that may change if I do more research) and the people I found were friendly but not too salesman pushy like they are in Thailand. Well, they were not when I was there in late 2004.

Browse in the markets...

... catch up on some history...

...and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Ha Long Bay

Last image here

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