26 April 2010

Time out with friends

Yesterday we met with friends at Araluen for a barbecue lunch. I had not been out to Araluen before, and it is a very lovely venue! Nice and relaxing, large trees and a nice grassed area to picnic at. We did not explore the whole park, so will have to do that another day.

The park has timber picnic tables, and free barbecues, as well as a large grassed area! Everything you could want for a barbecue picnic lunch, as long as you do not mind waiting for an hour for the food to cook on a not very hot plate... the boys suggested that the sun was doing more to cook the sausages than the barbecue!

C practices his parenting skills on LittleA, while L looks on.

The boys surround the extra slow barbecue, trying to work their magic to stoke the fire!

Mums and bubs wait for their lunch. Hurry up boys!!

Gorgeous scenery...

Working out the timer on the camera!


  1. It was a really fun day. And the food was worth the wait. The boys really did justice to the long waiting time. Great to catch up with you Kirsty!

  2. It was an excellent day. To be repeated hopefully and soon!


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