20 March 2010

Destination: Honeymoon V

(See Destination: Honeymoon I, II, III and IV)

One place that I would love to take C to is Italy. It is such a beautiful country, with many different and wonderful things to see and do. The food is so fresh and tasty. Even the flavour and the texture of the pasta that you buy in the supermarket is incredible. The breads are yummy and the gelato is fantastic.

In amongst the eating, we could check out one of their famous sporting venues...

...before taking in the view of the Firenze skyline...

..and top it off with a stay in the Cinque Terre region.

The last photo periodically makes an appearance as the background on my computer at work. It reminds me that I once went on holiday... it also reminds me that another long break would not go astray!

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