06 March 2010

Secret Valley

I had a random moment at work the other day, remembering the children's show Secret Valley we used to watch.

I couldn't really remember much of it apart from gum trees, mountains, blue sky, and parts of the theme.

The theme song was sung to the tune of Waltzing Matilda, and I was doing my best to remember the words. Thank goodness for Wikipedia!

I had dream I could ride across the mountaintops
Ride on the waves where the sea turns blue
Gum trees, gum trees rise until they touch the sky
I know a place where it all comes true

I know a valley, I know a valley
My Secret Valley the world has to see
One place for children, welcome from around the world
Please come and share Secret Valley with me

Paris, London, Montreal and Amsterdam
So many friends that we want to know
From the hills of Spain to the city streets of Germany
I know a place where we all can go

Repeat chorus

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  1. OMG I used to love this show when we were kids.. For some reason the 'baddies' eating junk food sticks in my mind... ahhh they dont make kids shows like they used to...


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