08 July 2010

Final venue - reception

C tried (again) today to book the final part of our wedding day.
We are having a morning ceremony with a lunchtime reception (both booked). We are planning to cap the day off with casual drinks at the local pub. The beauty is that all of it will be within walking distance of each other!

He rang the pub earlier in the year and they told him that they do not book the area that we are interested in more than three months in advance! I am not used to leaving everything so late, so I find it a little niggly.

They told him today that he was still too early, so fingers crossed noone books it before us. Three months though should give us enough time to get it organised and onto invitations.

The wedding is getting close, maybe I should start to panic?

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  1. oh weddings, super stressful! Mine is in 4 months, and I had kind of forgotton about organising it and then I realised it was 4 months away and I am really really unorganised. Ohhhh dear.

    It's pretty ridiculous they won't let you book any earlier? I wonder why, it is for a wedding its not like you would pike or be unreliable or anything.

    thanks for the Mr Bird love!


  2. We have four months left too. It is coming up fast! Good luck getting everything sorted. I have not ticked anything off the list for a few months so I will have to get onto it.

    I am not sure about the venue, it does seem odd that they only have a three month booking time. C was told that he could call back at the beginning of August and book. My fear was that the booking conditions would change and we would miss out!

    We are booking an area of the pub rather than a fully catered function so maybe that is the difference. Who knows??


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