26 February 2011

Wedding: Preparation

Hello again!

It has been a wee while since I posted, and I really wanted to get my wedding photos out there. These are all professional photos, taken by Anton Chong of C Photography.

This selection of photos is from before the ceremony during our preparation time.

My dress, on rumpled bed.

These shoes, whilst the style to suit my dress, were so uncomfortable that by the end of photos I had lost feeling in at least four of my toes and the rest of my foot was tingling! It took a week for my toes to come back to feeling normal, and even then if I squatted down and changed the pressure on my toes they still tingled.

Mum struggled with the zip on my dress, so my sister E ended up making me safe.

Family photo. We do not have enough nice photos of our family!

My beautiful bridesmaids. Oh, and me as well!

Two of me!

C in the foreground with his groomsmen, all looking smart.

My handsome groom.

Images C Photography

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