27 December 2010

Kitchen Tea - the quiz

My sister E put together a quiz for my guests. I had requested no silly games, as I tend to find them annoying when I attend these kinds of parties. Then again, maybe it was my chance to exact revenge and I missed out on the opportunity! Bummer.

At any rate, the following questions were asked. Two friends were tied on seven apiece and we went into the tie breaker. My favourite bra type was all that split the two in the end!

Kirsty Quiz
1. When was Kirsty born?
2. What is her middle name?
3. Favourite food?
4. Favourite type of tea?
5. Favourite TV Show?
6. Where did Chad propose?
7. Did he go down on one knee?
8. Where is the honeymoon?
9. Where are Kirsty and Chad building their new house?
10. How many nieces & nephews does Kirsty have?

Tie breakers
1. Where did Kirsty meet Chad?
2. What is her favourite charity?
3. What is her favourite underwear label?

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