24 December 2010

Kitchen Tea - the guests

My mother graciously let us hold my kitchen tea at her place. All of my bridesmaids have relatively small abodes, and it would have been quite tight with the number of people we were inviting. Mum and Dad have a fairly large covered area at their place and it was great in case of contingency - rain or sunshine and we were set!

Dad disappeared for the afternoon and left us in peace. He made sure to come home though while there were still cakes on the table...

Thank you to my lovely bridesmaids for all their hard work and effort at organising, and to Mum for letting us crash your backyard! A marvellous day was had by all.

E conducting the Kirsty Quiz. I will post it shortly - see how you stack up!

Guests busily trying to remember my favourite colour.

Chocolate or strawberry? Hmmm....

Mum wishing that she was allowed to enter. "I know all of these answers. I would win!"

My lovely sister and me.

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