23 December 2010

Kitchen Tea - the food

My bridesmaids organised a kitchen tea for me. Given my love of afternoon tea it was a given that I would appreciate something special! Bridesmaid N cooked up an absolute storm, and in the days before my kitchen tea she won awards for her baking at one of the local shows! I was privileged to have some of those award winning recipes baked for my day.

There were a few people who contributed to the tasty treats on the table. N was most prolific, with plates of biscuits, eclairs, fruit tart, cake, and cute cupcakes. M made curry puffs, sandwiches and a madeira cake. My MIL made two types of caramel slice, and P brought along her famous corn salsa dip.

We were all well catered for! To wash it all down were cups of tea and a fruit punch that Mum made.

My sister picked up these cake toppers in the US when she visited earlier this year.

Yum chocolate cupcakes with a burst of white!!

These gorgeous fruit tarts were the first to disappear. I only managed to taste one!

Award winning biscuits. Yeeha!

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