28 July 2010

Travelling overseas

I have a brand spanking new passport - my old and well travelled one had to retire last year - and it is ready and waiting for the first stamp.

Chad on the other hand has to go through the process and get himself his first passport. He has four months...
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25 July 2010

Inspirational dresses

A pretty dress to inspire the imagination.

Image via Style Me Pretty

24 July 2010

Do you like this flower?

Mum and I went to see the florist today to talk about wedding flowers. We didn't discuss a budget. Is that bad?
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22 July 2010

Quirky bouquets

In honour of my trip to the florist this Saturday to discuss bouquets with real flowers, here are some quirky alternatives! Click here for instructions on how to make the second bouquet...

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21 July 2010

Destination Honeymoon - hotel

A sneaky peek of what we are looking forward to on our honeymoon! I picked up our accommodation vouchers today and we are all booked in with flights and a bed to rest our heads.

All photos from the hotel website

20 July 2010

Cake decorations

Chad and his mum had a big day last week, looking for fabrics for groomsmen waistcoats and inspiration for wedding cakes. They drove a few kilometres in their quest (a quarter of a tank in my car!). The gem of the day in terms of cake decorations and inspiration was The Sugar Smith in Maddington.

Mum has volunteered to help me pick the decorations for the cake (yay mum!), and from all accounts we should be able to find everything that would be needed at the store. Here are some flowers from The Sugar Smith's online store as a taste of what we can choose from.

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19 July 2010

My kind of cake

I wonder if Chad will let me have this cake...

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17 July 2010

Starting on the flowers...

I have been procrastinating about flowers for a while, considering whether or not I can find an attractive alternative to fresh flowers and in general not really sure what I would like.

This morning I wandered into our local florist to see what they had to offer. I have booked an appointment to discuss the flower requirements for our wedding. I let the florist know that I was keen for seasonal flowers and that I liked the look of native flowers and she promised to have lots of ideas for me when I come back.

The florist also said that now was a good time to be coming in to discuss flowers (our wedding is in November) as they would be able to confirm availability.

I am looking forward to seeing what can be done and it will be very interesting and hopefully fun!
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16 July 2010

Wedding dress detour

My wedding dress was booked in back in February. I knew what I wanted and once I had found it I did not see the benefit in continuing to look and stressing myself out with different choices and ideas. There are too many other things to worry about along the bridal trail!

Linda from Lin Pin called me yesterday to let me know that she had sold Hustle in Fremantle. Thankfully she is continuing with the bridal business! I would have been disappointed, as she was the designer I wanted to speak to about my wedding dress even before I knew she had a bridal range!

Our bridesmaid dresses are also Lin Pin and they are all good to go too. It will mean a change in location for our measurement and fitting sessions but the final product should still be what we hoped for.

The adventure continues!

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10 July 2010

Hair flowers

Some more pretty flowers, this time from local Perth seller Bloomin' Fabulous.

I am thinking that I would like some small-ish flowers in my hair, and this style could be just the ticket!

08 July 2010

Final venue - reception

C tried (again) today to book the final part of our wedding day.
We are having a morning ceremony with a lunchtime reception (both booked). We are planning to cap the day off with casual drinks at the local pub. The beauty is that all of it will be within walking distance of each other!

He rang the pub earlier in the year and they told him that they do not book the area that we are interested in more than three months in advance! I am not used to leaving everything so late, so I find it a little niggly.

They told him today that he was still too early, so fingers crossed noone books it before us. Three months though should give us enough time to get it organised and onto invitations.

The wedding is getting close, maybe I should start to panic?

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04 July 2010

Hair inspiration

Our wedding is drawing closer and I need to make my mind up about a few things. I had hoped to be able to find something pretty for my hair at the Perth Upmarket last week but it was just too busy for me to be comfortable to stop and have a decent look. My preference is to buy locally, so that I can actually meet with the person who is making the item, however I am starting to run out of time to procrastinate!

These gorgeous flowers by Percy Handmade are inspiring me at the moment. These flowers are simple, elegant and delicate and I could imagine them in my hair in complementary colours.

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