06 February 2010

Bohemian Shorts

No, it is not cut off trousers from a small part of the Czech Republic (haha) but the inaugural Fremantle short film festival.

I think that I should leave being funny to the experts.

Anyway... we just came home from the Bohemia Shorts. They showed us thirteen short films, mainly from Australia and there were also a few films from Canada. The styles and subjects were quite diverse. Our friend Bryn was in the film "The Enemy", with the iinet guy. Bryn is even famous enough to have his own imdb page!!

The films were all in contention for some cash prizes - Best Film ($3000) and Best Film Set in Freo ($5000). There was also a people's choice award ($500
); this involved the audience sending an sms to vote for their favourite movie. It seemed obvious by the results what film had arranged for the most supporters! The non-Western Australian films barely rated, if at all.

The Bureau forecast showers for the evening but thankfully they never arrived! The evening was cool - jackets in summer! - but not unpleasant. We packed a picnic lunch, cushions and blanket in anticipation, to be greeted by deckchair style seating. Posh!

Such a lovely evening to be had, spending it with friends and experiencing something a little different for a change.

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