05 February 2010

Hot water

There was a bit of disagreement with regards to whether or not we would require an urn for the engagement party. I thought that it would be convenient to not have to keep boiling the kettle, E and C both thought it was over the top and a kettle would be sufficient! In the end it was $16 for the hire of a 9L urn so we went with that.

(Previously I have made use of the urn belonging to SCC however the lid has gone missing and she has not had a chance to replace it as yet.)

In the office this week there has been a trolley for tea and coffee set up outside one of the training rooms. They have several pump action insulated flasks and it made me think of the alternatives to hiring an urn; perhaps ideas that I should have thought of earlier.

Firstly, using my Stelton Vacuum jug. Using this 1.0L jug as well as the 1.6L kettle may have been enough to keep the punters happy.

Buying one of the pump action thermal flasks, a desirable volume would be around 2.5L to 3L, so that we could have it out without being required to refill.

One of these labelled Vacuum Beverage Jugs would be a bit different, these ones come in a 1.9L size and that would suit most parties, especially if teamed with the kettle!!

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