01 February 2010

Engagement Celebration

C and I were engaged in October last year, however the restrictions of his work roster plus the close proximity to Christmas and the craziness of December meant that we decided to push our engagement celebrations into the new year.  So last weekend we had a party for our closest friends to celebrate our engagement!  We decided on an ambitious plan of catering ourselves, and having the party at home.  Our backyard is not the largest - living in a townhouse includes some space restrictions - but we utilised the carport area as well and managed to squeeze everyone in.

Our party space before the guests arrived!

We called in favours from friends and family to help with the catering; my friend MC made two HUGE bowls of salad, and MB made some ultra cute hosomaki style sushi.  Yum!  C's mum made some lamb kofta balls, three salads and a yummy cheesecake slice.  My mum made spinach & ricotta rolls and coleslaw as well as helping out by cutting carrot sticks and assembling canapés and taking charge of the kitchen and making sure that all of the finger food went out.  My sister-in-law-to-be K also rolled up her sleeves and helped with decorating the white chocolate mudcakes as well as assembling canapés with Mum and making sure that food left the kitchen.  My sister E helped later in the night in getting the urn set up and tea and coffee and cakes out, although she begged poor with her shoes and made sure that she did not carry anything breakable!!  S helped by being our canapé waitress and ensuring that people were well fed. Lots of the ladies were in and out of the kitchen at various stages helping to keep the food flowing. Thank you to all!

Mum and E; D, P and N; N&D and K; N&C

K and T; T&G, C; R&L, T; M, M and L

D, K and N; Dad & Mum; R&S; L&C

D and KC; M & SCC; C&N and S&D; E and K

M&D and Little K; SJ and M&R; C, S&R, C&B; T, B and L

C&J; D&S and C&K; K and KC; Dinner!

The menu included Avocado Dip and Goat's Milk Feta & Ricotta Dip with carrot, celery, capsicum and water crackers; Mini quiches, tomato & basil and mushroom & feta; Spinach & Ricotta rolls; Lamb Kofta balls; Small sushi; Barbecue Rotisserie Beef; Gravy; Fresh Bread Rolls; Lots of salads!; Mushrooms with ricotta and pesto (thanks N!); Short Black Cupcakes; White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes; Cheesecake slice; Fruit platter of Strawberries, red grapes, green grapes, pineapple, rockmelon; Ferrero Rocher; A selection of teas and instant coffee (neither C nor I drink coffee so it is pot luck!!)

We managed to have excess amounts of everything except the beef and gravy and mushrooms!


  1. It was a wonderful party Kirsty! Todd and I had a great time. Congratulations once again to you and Chad
    Hugs, Loretta

  2. Sorry we had to leave so early, but we enjoyed the do! :D The lanterns looked gorgeous as well :)

  3. Major snaps to all the chefs who contributed to a spectacular spread: a treat for eyes and mouths!
    We really enjoyed your party, Kirsty and Chad.
    KC and B


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