28 February 2010

The Panics with WASO

Last Saturday night Perth band The Panics played a concert with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra in King's Park. Every summer WASO team up with a contemporary artist - or two or three! - and play out under the stars at the Pioneer Women's Memorial. It is a lovely event, you can take a picnic, sit back, relax and enjoy great music!

I have liked The Panics' music for a while, however they are not very well known, so I was not surprised when I sent out an email late last year for people to go to the concert with me and had no interest whatsoever due to noone knowing who they were!

It was left to C to do the right thing and accompany me to his first WASO concert ever. The forecast threatened rain, however we were lucky and it stayed cool and dry.

We enjoyed the concert. C was impressed by the orchestra, and expressed an interest in seeing them again; unfortunately The Panics failed to ignite his inspiration. I have to admit that whilst I like their music, I had not realised how similar all of their songs were. Their style is very mellow, and they never burst from that mould during the concert.

It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday night, rather than cooped up in front of a TV as we seem to do all too often!

Read a review from The West Australian for someone else's opinion on the concert.

Images by Michael Davidson from FasterLouder.com.au

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