19 February 2010

Bridal magazine

I am a tad slow, but I saw the Exclusive Brides magazine in a newsagency at lunch time today. I was intrigued, as all of the shops listed had WA numbers. Back at my desk, I pulled up the website and it is a new WA based magazine, launched this month.

I was almost tempted to buy it, but not sure what I would use it for since I already have my dress ordered and a fair idea about other things.

Still, it is nice to have something local available, and I was only thinking before I saw it how good it would be to have a magazine that was focussed on the WA market, as a lot of the magazines have listings for Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane!

A cute touch, it comes with free sticky notes so that you can mark the pages with interesting articles or photos that you wish to save.

The magazine claims to give an alternative to the "princess bride" style of wedding, and is aimed at brides with a "unique sense of style". I would be interested to see how the magazine evolves!

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